About PGI 

PGI defines itself as a community of professors, scholars, and thinkers who aim to foster a well-rounded personality in individual students. We encourage value-centered education by challenging assumptions and emphasizing ethical concerns in both classes and activities. A commitment to liberal arts forms the foundation of the PGI programs. The skills and values developed in this context not only support specific disciplines but also promote professional development, career education, and personal growth.

Rankings and Accreditation

We’ll never give up on dreaming about the future

In seeking to develop responsible citizenship as part of a complete education, faculty members and other personnel strive to provide students with a variety of opportunities for learning through excellent teaching and individualized personal interaction beyond the classroom. Intense intellectual activity is complemented by immersive and experiential learning, as well as time for quiet reflection, programs for cultural enrichment, and community involvement.


PGI has a mission to educate students and equip them with the leadership skills for the next generation of Pakistan. For this purpose, we work together to:

Cultivate honest leaders with character who love and serve Persia and the Middle East.

Cultivate skilled individuals who will be agents of transformation for the country and community, based on professionalism and high ethical values.

Present a new model of university education that promotes excellence in teaching and international cooperation within a culture of love and service.


The Beginning of PGI



The Approval from The HEC


The Completion of PGI Main Building


The Approval

by The Senate


President Assents PGI Bill as an Act No. XI of 2023

Core Values


PGI promotes a culture of love and respect, fostering an inclusive community that embraces diversity and encourages mutual understanding.


PGI strives for excellence in academic and administrative services, committed to providing the highest level of support to students, faculty, and the community.


PGI cultivates transformational leaders who take social responsibility and make positive impacts on others, contributing to their communities and nations.


Culture of Love

Create an environment where mutual respect and kindness are emphasized between professors and students

Opportunities to Serve

Create a variety of opportunities

to serve our neighbors

Transformational Leaders

Develop challenging programs aimed at preparing individuals to become transformational leaders in their communities

Practical Education

Implement education that is practice-oriented and application-oriented

Rational Management

Ensure efficient administration and sound financial management