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We offer an excellent curriculum to prepare graduates for this fast-growing field. As the government of Pakistan emphasizes the importance of information technology, the PGI CS department is committed to imparting quality education in all horizons of IT including fields of computer software and hardware. We also cooperate with Pakistan and foreign IT companies in lectures and practices. Our program includes the principles of computer software and hardware, algorithm, programming(SW, Web, Mobile, Game), database, network, artificial intelligent, big data, virtual reality, blockchain, and information security. After earning a degree in BSCS, students can apply for different types of jobs related to their main subjects and excel in the job market with high potential. Additionally, there are opportunities to study a variety of short courses such as Microsoft Office Specialist to gain additional qualifications.


  • IT Specialist
  • MOS Specialist
  • Data Modeler
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Service representative
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Technical and practical writer

To be awarded a BSCS degree, a student must have passed courses totaling at least 131 credit hours and obtained a minimum CGPA of 2.00, which includes all compulsory courses

Curriculum Structure

**Note : Additional or alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.

Core Computing Courses

Information Technology majors must take the following Major Courses including Final Year Project courses for a total of 40 credits (11 courses):

  • Programing Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programing
  • Data Structures
  • Discrete Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networkings
  • Information Security
  • Algorithms
  • Final Year Project (1, 2)

BSCS Core/ Electives/ Supporting Courses


Information Technology majors must take 24 credits (7 courses) from the following Core courses.

  • Computer Architecture
  • Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • System Software
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Mobile Programming
  • 3D Fusion Media
  • Web Technologies

BSCS Electives

Information Technology majors must take 15 credits (5 courses) from the following Core courses.

  • Computer Game Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Wireless Network and Mobile
  • Artificial Intelligence and Services
  • Network Programming

BSCS Supporting

For their graduation requirements, students can choose any three courses (9 credits) from the following list.

  • Big Data
  • Blockchain System
  • Next Generation Network
  • Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning



The Fee Structure

The fee structure at PGI is as simple as it could be, the billing is done semester wise. However, students taking between 15 to 18 credit hours are considered full-time and pay the full semester fees. Fees are calculated according to credit hours for students (11 credits or fewer), and students taking overload beyond 18 credits. Overloads above 15 credits are charged per credit rate. Students taking less than 12 credit hours will pay the per credit hour rate. Fees are expected to increase each year depending on inflation and other costs.


All tuition and other fees must be paid by the date specified by the University. Students whose dues remain in arrears will be put on business holds until dues are clear. Students can get their holds clear and re-register during add/drop. All courses on a student’s schedule at the end of add/drop will be charged. A fine will be charged for fees paid after the stated deadline. Tuition and other fees once paid are not refundable except in very unusual circumstances.


Internship courses are charged at a different rate than other courses. More information regarding this can be found in the accounts and financial aid section of the PGI website. Students are responsible for government and withholding taxes where applicable.

Tuition and Fees for Freshman of BSCS

* For special admission or scholarships, please refer our part of “Financial Aid and Scholarships”.

Hostel Fee

Fee Information

  • Fees are payable in full before the start of each semester.
  • Admission Fee of Rs 20,000 is payable once at the time of admission. This is non-refundable.
  • If a student who has been enrolled and paid the semester fee chooses to drop out before attending classes, the fees will be refunded in accordance with the HEC policy.
  • Payment is due according to the fee bill due date.
Financial Aids

Need and Merit-Based Financial Aid

PGI believes that deserving and academically gifted students should not lose out on the opportunity to pursue their studies due to lack of finances. A designated amount of the budget each year, therefore, is dedicated to supporting students to follow their dreams and provide access to high quality education. A strict assessment process is in place based solely on an equal opportunity basis. Applications will be evaluated and awarded according to the need and merit of each individual application and subject to availability of annual funds.


The amount of the scholarship will be dependent on the students’ needs and will range from 5% – 50% tuition fee waiver for qualifying students. Once granted, scholarships in this category remains available to the students for the entire degree programme provided their performance does not fall below GPA 2.25, or unless their circumstances change. Several Merit and Need-Based Scholarship are available for students who are satisfied our Financial Aid criterias.


PGI University can provide financial help to students in three major ways.

Merit-Based Scholarship

Top merit position holders in PGI admission merit lists for the respective schools/departments will be awarded scholarships, as per the following criteria:

Note: To continue with the above scholarship, these two position holders need to maintain CGPA in each semester.

General Scholarship

General Scholarship offers siblings scholarship, employee scholarship and creatively scholarship for students who wish to join. Each student can avail one scholarship at a time.

Encouragement Scholarship

PGI provides Encouragement scholarships for current students who face financial difficulties in paying their fee from the second to the eighth semester. Each student can avail one scholarship at a time.


a) Merit Based Scholarship:

PGI offers Encouragement scholarships for existing students who struggles to pay their fee in second to eighth semester. Each student can avail one scholarship at a time.

  • Students can check their situation through the information posted on the homepage and apply to the Student Affairs Department.
  • To avail this scholarship, students are required to maintain minimum 3.50 CGPA.
  • Support for scholarships is provided through a meeting of the Admissions Review Board.
  • Within 7 days of receiving the application documents, scholarships will be decided, and if necessary, there may be meetings with students and parents. 

b) PGI Work Based Scholarship:

PGI has a strong desire to make higher education accessible to all sections of the society. The Department of Academic and Students Affair, in collaboration with other departments and administration offices within PGI, provides students an opportunity to work on-campus or to be part of projects and programs within PGI. This allows students to make use of their free time, gain experience, develop transferable skills, boost their resumes and earn extra money to support their higher education at PGI. 

  • Opportunity for work and study programs is limited and students are required to apply for a particular job. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received. 
  • Students may work up to 20 hours per month but not more than 80 hours during an academic semester. Students will receive a stipend upon completing the task and the department involved will provide a ‘work’ completion certificate.
  • The stipend will be either credited to the student’s account or, upon request, given in cash.
  • There are a wide range of work opportunities available in PGI. The list of jobs available, the requirements for the job and the information can be obtained from the department of Academic and Student affairs.
  • In order to be considered for the Work and Study Program, students must first complete and submit the application form to the individual identified on the attached lists.
  • The department of Academic and Student affairs will have the option of conducting interviews and selecting on the basis of their criteria.

c) Neighborhood Development Scholarship:

Scholarship benefits sponsored by local companies and individuals for students who meet certain criteria.


d) Mercy Scholarship:

Funded by local donors for students who come from low-income backgrounds.

Important Dates
Notice: Our PGI reserve the right to change dates and deadlines for admissions. Please keep informed of any changes by visiting this site periodically, as well as the PGI online application part.