Why PGI 

At PGI, we focus on, such as, excellence, globalization, and character education, which all contribute towards providing you with an excellent education and foundation for the future whether you decide to pursue further studies or to start your career.

Rankings and Accreditation

Inspiring Environment

  • Located in the Outskirts of Islamabad
  • Green Campus with Peaceful Surrounds
  • Air-conditioned Rooms with Solar System
  • State of the Art Facilities

Support for your Career

  • Business Incubator and Startup Support
  • Access to International Industry
  • Scholarships for Bright and Deserving Students
  • Microsoft Course and Korean Language Course
  • Wise online support system

International Network

  • Collaboration with International Universities
  • Highly Quilified Foriegn Facilities

Inspiring Environment

  • Dynamic Leadership Qualities
  • Quality and Respect for Diversity

Opportunity to Study Abroad

  • Overseas Scholarship and Study
  • Student Exchange Program
  • Exposure Visits